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Trial of Colyer Hall for Murder Now Proceeding


The trial of Colyer Hall, indicted for the murder of John O'Ferrall in the northern part of this county, more than a quarter of a century ago, was begun in this court at 8 p.m. yesterday.   Mr. C. M. Jones is assisting States's Attorney Milton in the prosecution, and the defendant is represented by Mr. W. A. Blount.

A special venire of sixty jurors had been summoned for the case and the selection of twelve men to try the case was made without difficulty.   Following are the names of the jurors:   Thos. F. Wrighton , Ernest Glanders , George Gibson, W. R. Douglas, J. M. Whitehead, C. M. Sweeney, E. McCurdy , L. F. Ziegler, J. E. Williams, T. R. Hagood , W. Norris, and J. D. Mackey.

The arrest of the defendant has his home near Mobile, last summer, after a lapse of 25 years, created great excitement and the full particulars of the crime with which he is charged are well known to the public, the testimony of the principal witnesses in the case having been published in full in The News at the time Mr. Hall was admitted to bail by Court Commissioner William Fisher.

All of the principle witnesses in the case are present at the trial except “Uncle Bud” Williams, the patriarch of Escambia county, who is detained at home by sickness.   The testimony of Mrs. O'Ferrall , widow of the deceased man, Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Vickery, all of whom were eye witnesses of the killing and who are now very old, was heard, last night, before the court adjourned.   The jury was locked up for the night and at 10 o'clock, this morning, the case was resumed.   Nearly all of the evidence had been heard when the court took a recess until 8 p.m.   The case will probably be given to the jury to-night.


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