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Not Guilty

Was the Verdict of the Jury in the Colyer Hall Case Last Night.

It was late, yesterday afternoon, before all the evidence was heard in the Colyer Hall case, on trial in the circuit court.   Several witnesses testified to the peaceable and otherwise excellent character that the defendant had always borne and the defendant himself made a sworn statement to the jury.     He spoke in a straightforward manner, detailing all the circumstances of the killing of O'Ferrall , and showing that he had acted purely in self defense.

States Attorney Milton and Mr. C. M. Jones made a strong presentation for the state to the jury.   The argument of Mr. W. A. Blount, for the prisoner, is said to have been one of the greatest efforts of his life.

Judge Maxwell's charge to the jury was a lucid explanation of the law bearing upon the case and was satisfactory to both sides.   The jury retired about 9 o'clock and in half an hour returned a verdict of not guilty.

Many of Mr. Hall's relatives and friends were in court, anxiously awaiting the verdict, and when it was rendered they hastened to congratulate him.

The case of Frank Hamilton, colored, indicted for rape, is on trial, to-day.   The morning session of the court was consumed in obtaining a jury.   Hearing of the evidence in the case began at 8 p. m.   The state is represented by State's Attorney Milton and the prisioner by Messrs C. B. Parkhill and C. M. Jones.


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